Historic Restorations; CHEAP OR NOT?

Historic Restorations; CHEAP OR NOT?

Brookline Builders is often bidding against other historic restoration companies here in Lancaster Pa. We often find that we are not the cheapest company in the area and will sometimes lose the job based only on price. On more than one occasion we have been contacted by the customer who chose to use another contractor for their historic restorations project because that project went awry. We have often been asked to come back and take over the project.

Don't be fooled, real historic restoration projects are not cheap because you can't cut corners without making a hack job out of the project. If you have decorative historic porch posts that are rotted the correct way to make the repairs is to: Install temporary supports to hold porch roof, install temporary supports for railing's and remove existing porch post. Take post to Brookline's shop, cleanly cut off the rotted section.

Install new mahogany wood, mitered and milled to match existing post profile.

Glue, peg and securely fasten new wood to existing post.

Sand the joint smooth, prime and paint.

Reinstall porch post, reattach porch railings and remove temporary supports.

If this type of repair is attempted on site without removing the post it may be cheaper but the end result will not be fine craftsmanship that is required for true historic restorations.

Compare the proposals and make sure the wording describes the correct method and materials needed for your project. If the decision is made based only on price and not method, you may be disappointed. Whether your project is a small slate repair or rotted wood repair or if your project is an entire whole house restoration, Brookline Builders will treat it with the fine craftsmanship it deserves.

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