Slate Roof Repairs In Lancaster Pa

Slate Roof Repairs In Lancaster PaSnow and Ice can be very damaging to your slate roof. The snow and ice can make a type of dam that makes the water build up and soak back into the upper pieces of slate. When the temperature drops below freezing the water that has penetrated underneath the slate will expand and can lead to cracking of the slate.

Although a slate roof can last up to 150 years, all damage must be repaired promptly to avoid further damage and water infiltration.

Contact Brookline Builders for complete slate roof repair services. Make sure you hire a contractor that will refuse to walk on your slate. Walking on your slate roof will cause damage that may not be readily seen, but in a few months the slate that has been walked on will break off and you will have more repairs to make.

Brookline Builders stocks new slate roofing, can install a new slate roof and make any repairs needed on your existing roof.

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