Home Additions in Lancaster Pa

If you would like to build a home addition in Lancaster or surrounding counties, the first thing you must do is obtain preliminary plans for the project.

A good builder and design team will be able to direct you during the preliminary plan process as to whether the proposed home addition will meet current township zoning laws. It wouldn't be wise to complete the plans only to find out the addition is encroaching on a right-a-way, or that you have exceeded the impervious lot coverage..

Once preliminary plans for the home addition are completed you can either move on to final plans if you have picked the builder, or you could put the job out to bid.

Remember though, the builder, design team you are working with may not allow you to take the plans for other contractors to bid unless you have previously discussed and agreed to this arraignment.

If you have picked a builder for your home addition, then it is time for the building permits. Building permits can take anywhere from 7 to 30 days to obtain here in Lancaster Pa. Permit offices can't be rushed and it doesn't help to pester them.

When the building permit for your new home addition is in hand the excitement begins. For most home additions you should allow two - four months for completion.

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