Footers in Lancaster Pa

Build your new structure on a solid footing.The bottom of a typical new home footing in Lancaster Pa must be 36" below the final soil height. Depending on the amount of weight that will be bearing on the footers, they will sometimes measure 24" wide x 8" deep, but sometimes up to 36" wide by 12 inches or more deep. It is recommended that a footer be of 2500 psi concrete and have two pieces of rebar running continuously along the entire footer, centered in the concrete. The rebar is usually tied at the joints using rebar ties. There is a tool that can be purchased that will make rebar tying easier and faster.

Often if you are installing a poured concrete wall on top of the footers, rebar will be installed into the footer before the concrete sets up, and stick up a foot or two into the centerline of where the new wall will be poured.

The new concrete footer does not need have a fine finish on it when laying a cinder block on top of it. This is because the mortar for the starter course of block should have a rougher type of surface for better bonding.

Brookline Builders has built many new structures in Lancaster Pa such as homes, additions, garages and even retaining walls.

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