Good Homes and Additions in Lancaster Pa

Good Homes and Additions in Lancaster Pa.

What makes the difference between a 'good' builder for your home or addition and a 'bad' builder?

After all isn't the building code the same for all builders? The builder must comply with all current building codes, so from this perspective the end result should be the same.

Brookline Builders would like to suggest the biggest difference is in the execution during the building project. Brookline Builders will build your good home or addition and you will have access to login to the website to follow the schedule. You will receive automated updates if there has been a change in the schedule.

Brookline's web application will seamlessly communicate to all sub-contractors on the job to update them as well to changes in material selections and scheduling.

One other difference between a good homes and additions builder and one that isn't is this. Building with a long term sustainable energy and resource goal in mind. Brookline Builders is a big advocate for building up on your existing home rather than building an addition or a new home. Building up doesn't contribute to the impervious surface coverage of your property. Looking back just a few years ago, Lancaster County Pa had alot more unpaved surfaces that what it does now. If you build a new home or an addition you are contributing to impervious surface areas and less area for rain water to soak into the ground.

Build Small, Build Up not Out, Build Green! If you are looking for good homes or additions contact Brookline Builders a Lancaster County Pa builder since 1990.

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