Top Quality Construction by Brookline Builders

Top Quality Construction by Brookline Builders.

Brookline Builders Inc of Lancaster Pa, strives to offer the best top quality construction in the area. Established in 1990 by Jonathan Owens at the age of 19. Jonathan Owens picked the name Brookline because his dream was to someday own a home that had a small bubbling brook.

Brookline Builders strives to build sustainable, efficient and 'green', either when building your new home, adding a second floor or and addition. Energy costs are at an all time high, don't waste long term income by committing it to paying for the square footage on a 'big' house that you may never utilize to it's fullest. Many big homes are huge energy wasters and are primarily built for show. Remember a house has never visited someone's deathbed!

Besides the top quality construction that Brookline Builders offers, we also offer an interactive website to our home and addition customers. If you are a customer of Brookline's we will provide you with a password for complete access to the details of scheduling of your project. If you need to know the deadline of when the electrical fixtures need to be selected, the website will send an email reminding you to head to the lighting showroom. After all you don't want to be responsible for delaying the completion of your own project.

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