Imitation Slate

Re-roofing with imitation slate

Imitation slate is a less-expensive option for a roof that looks like real slate and is acceptable in almost every city for use in historic districts. Imitation slate also weighs less than real slate, which is a benefit for older homes with questionable roof structures.

There are basically two companies that manufacture imitation slate, and both come with good warranties when installed by a certified installer. One is Eco-Star Majestic Slate by Carlisle and the other is Lamarite Slate Composite Shingles by Tamko. It is a personal choice in Reading, Pa, as to which brand to install because both have very good warranties as well as similar characteristics.

Both brands come in various options, such as color, width and style. If your home is a Victorian Style, perhaps the beveled, beaver tail or chiseled point from Eco-Star will your best choice. Keep in mind though, that whether you pick real slate or imitation slate, the snow will slide off fairly easily, so you should spend the money for the correct snow guards or during winter someone could get hurt or damage to the roof gutters can occur from falling snow.

If you ever need to physically get onto your real slate roof, you must be careful of breakage; with composite or imitation slate there is no need to worry about breakage, as they are unbreakable!

Whichever brand of imitation slate in Reading, Pa you wish to have installed on your home, make certain the installer follows the manufacturer's installation instructions closely, and you will have a roof that will last and look great for many years.

Contact Brookline Builders of Lancaster, PA, for a estimate for your imitation slate roof.

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