Rotted Joist Replacement -- Lancaster, PA

Rotted Joist Replacement -- Lancaster, PA

If you live in an old historic home, chances are you may have some structural rot issues with your first floor joists. Due to the push to insulate old homes because of rising energy costs, many homeowners have taken the suggestion to seal their basement yearround. Sealing your basement can be one of the worst structural things you can do, as it traps moisture and you will end up with rotted joists.

Brookline Builders has dealt with many historic home structural issues and suggests if you have rotted joists, the first thing to address is the water or moisture issue. After the basement has been dried, then it will be worth your time to replace the rotted joists.

Although there are several expensive options for eliminating the moisture in a basement, such as excavating the entire exterior foundation, parging the old stone walls, then sealing them with pitch, you also can dig out the basement floor, removing the old concrete, brick, dirt floor or other type of existing floor you may have. After the old floor is removed, you can install proper drainage systems, gravel, plastic or rubber, and then pour concrete.

If these are out of your repair budget at this point, here are a few practical and inexpensive ideas you can start with.

  • Repair existing basement windows to insure proper operation.
  • Make or repair a screen to fit securely into the opening.
  • Open the windows all summer to allow ventilation.
  • Run a fan to circulate air.
  • Install a high quality dehumidifier. If you try to remember to empty the bucket, chances are you will forget and the dehumidifier will not run, so make sure the dehumidifier either has a hose or pump option.

Once all of the moisture has been dealt with, then you can proceed with the rotted joist replacement. There are many different ways to address structural issues. The first step is to contact a competent contractor for a full evaluation and consultation.

Brookline Builders has been a historic restorations contractor in Lancaster for over 20 years. We specialize in all types of structural repairs to historic buildings including, rotted joist replacement.

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