Planning for an addition - Lancaster, Pa

Planning for an addition - Lancaster, Pa

Brookline Builders suggest that the best time to start planning for an addition is during the winter months. If you start the blueprints and permit process in the winter, then you will be all ready for breaking ground once the cold weather breaks!

Typically three months are needed for the planning stages of an home addition.

First a conceptual design meeting between the customer and Brookline Builders to get an idea of what is needed.

Next use one of our architects to put the home addition concepts on paper, including all of the numerous notes that your local township or boro will require. This process could take up to two months depending on the architects current work load.

Then we will submit the home addition plans to the building department along with the permit application. Most building departments will take two or three weeks for the addition plan review. After the permit is received, hang the permit in your window and you are now ready to break ground!!

Brookline Builders specializes in additions to older homes.

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