Ice Dam Slate Repairs

If you have had damage to your existing slate roof due to the recent snow and ice storm, make sure you repair the broken slate promptly. Brookline Builders has been repairing all types of damage to all types of roofs for over 20 years.

Pick a contractor that will not walk on your roof and will not face nail the replacement slate. Walking on an existing slate roof will easily crack the slate and a simple repair to one or two slate by an incompetent contractor can cause expensive repairs. In addition, a repair to an existing slate roof that is completed by face nailing thru a replacement slate not only is ugly, but is also extremely vulnerable to additional leaking.

The correct way to repair a broken slate is to remove the broken piece of slate using a slate ripper, install a copper or stainless slate hook. Then slide the new piece of slate up past the hook then work it down to allow it to hang on the slate hook. The repair is aesthetically appealing and the new slate will most likely outlive the existing slate.

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