Roof Damage from Snow - Lancaster Pa

Roof Damage from Snow - Lancaster Pa

With the recent heavy snow falls in the Lancaster Pa area the weight of the snow piled up on your roof has the potential to collapse the structure. As the snow starts to melt it will gather moisture from the atmosphere that will add to the weight of the snow itself so sometimes the collapse may not happen for a few days after the snow storm has passed.

Roofs that are in greater risk for collapse are flat roofs, roofs that have been leaking for awhile and roofing structures that have substandard framing.

If your roof does collapse do not attempt to enter it until properly trained personal have evaluated the structure and have temporarily supported it. Picking a reputable contractor to deal with the structural damage in a quick timely manner is of utmost importance to minimize the damage.

Brookline Builders will provide the complete package if you need emergency structural repairs to your home or business, from engineered plans, permits then competent repairs.

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