Porch Damage in Lancaster Pa

Porch Damage in Lancaster Pa?

If you have a damaged porch in the Lancaster Pa area and need a contractor to make the repairs correctly, we need to talk. Brookline Builders is the areas one stop home improvement business that will repair all of your porch damage. Whether a car ran into your porch or after years of neglect it just needs rotted wood replacement Brookline Builders is the one to call, we have done it all.

Looking for historic restorations on your porch to return the front of your home into a showpiece? Brookline has a complete mill shop ready and able to make any piece of replacement trim or baluster.

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George Weis's Gravatar Hi there! I own a home built on the north end of Lancaster City. It was built around 1918. Like many porch railings in the city, someone at one point ripped out it's wood balusters and rails and replaced them with wrought iron. It is a dream of min to see the porch back to it's former glory, but I have no idea how costly the endeavor is. But, for what it is worth, thanks to all of you doing your part to preserve historic beauty throughout Lancaster. We have a beautiful place to live in... let's do our best to keep it that way! God bless :)

# Posted By George Weis | 5/23/11 5:56 PM
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