Contact Jonathan Owens owner of Brookline Builders, Inc for your next home restoration project. Brookline Builders is a Lancaster Pa contractor since 1990. We will complete your restoration with your plans, our plans or help you design from scratch. Designing your restoration project can be a challenge with the many decisions that need to be made all while on a tight schedule, don't let building a new home stress you out. Hire Brookline and allow their website tools to take the stress out of scheduling and communication during your preservation. Our website offers tools that allow our customers to check the construction schedule day or night. It will alert you the customer to changes in the schedule. Such changes as weather and delay of materials. It will alert Brookline's subcontractors to changes of schedule whether the changes be delays or communicating advances in the schedule. The website puts the construction schedule of your preservation project at your finger tips even if you are on vacation. It will allow you the customer to log on and post your product selections such as paint colors and flooring selections. This allows Brookline's subcontractors to log on and view the selections that you the customer has made. This setup minimizes mistakes and miscommunications. The website will alert you the customer to deadlines for product selections and ordering deadlines so you won't be responsible for the delay of your own new home. Brookline Builders strives to be the best historic preservation and restoration contractor in the Lancaster, Lebanon, Harrisburg, Adams, York, Berks, Chester and surrounding counties. Call Brookline Builders of Lancaster, Pa for a consultation of your historic Preservation - Restoration project and we will show you a new approach that could possibly save your old home or building.

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