Historic Preservation and Brookline Builders

Historic Preservation and Brookline Builders

Brookline Builders, Inc. has a concern for the preservation of historic buildings within our larger community. We have spent considerable time and resources developing expertise in repairing structures using original materials, and we offer this expertise to those who have been entrusted with the care of our area's important historic landmarks.

Brookline has skilled technicians in slate and copper roofing, woodworking, and historic brick and stone masonry. We keep this work "in house" so that we can closely monitor the quality of work of craftsman with whom we have long-term relationships.

We keep new and used slate in stock, and we have our own slate supplier--one of the best quarries in Vermont. Our own roofing department does the installation work.

We understand the old mortars and the dangers of modern mortar for historic structures.

We have a fully-equipped modern woodshop where we can reproduce any molding, cabinet, window or door that we find in need of replacement.

Brookline Builders, Inc. is the area's most capable preservation and restoration contractor. We take pride in our work safety track record, and keeping a clean and orderly jobsite during all phases of construction and repair.

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