Our Commitment to Authentic Building Preservation

Our Commitment to Authentic Building Preservation

Brookline has a track record and a reputation for historic preservation that is truly authentic. We believe deeply that using the original materials is the only way to complete work on historic structures. We are committed to doing what is best for the building in terms of longevity, as well as preserving the original look and feel, where possible. We hire only very skilled craftspeople to execute the projects that Brookline undertakes. We offer conservation services, including lead testing, mortar analysis, structural discovery, and whole Building Evaluation Reports (BER's).

Where masonry is concerned, a commitment to original materials is especially crucial. Natural lime mortar is vapor permeable, allowing moisture to escape quickly from masonry walls. This eliminates moisture problems for framing, trim, and the other wood elements in a building. Repointing and repairs will always be executed using natural lime mortar. Portland cement destroys old buildings by breaking masonry units, We also go to lengths to use original brick, stone, and mortar aggregates/additives, wherever the customer will support the extra effort required. We offer mortar analysis to isolate the color and size of aggregates, and any other additives used (such as animal hair, oyster shells, pigments, etc.)

In Brookline's Millwork Division, we take on projects that allow us to reproduce the original profiles and assembly techniques. We believe that an investment in preservation means using materials that will resist the weather in exterior applications. That is why we always use cedar, mahogany, or other rot-resistant woods as the raw material for doors, windows, and other exterior parts. Even though this is usually a change from the original material, it represents an improvement that protects your investment, while remaining congruent with the original look and feel of the building.

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