Carpentry Repairs for your older historic home in Lancaster Pa

In Brookline's Millwork Division, we take on projects that allow us to reproduce the original profiles and assembly techniques. We believe that an investment in preservation means using materials that will resist the weather in exterior applications such as porch and window repairs. That is why we always use Spanish cedar, Mahogany, or other rot-resistant woods as the raw material for matching and repairing old doors, windows, and other exterior trim parts. Even though this is usually a change from the original material, it represents an improvement that protects your investment, while remaining congruent with the original look and feel of the building. Old growth Pine and Fir would be more original but they are very difficult to find and new growth Pine and Fir will not hold up for more than a few years before rotting if used in exterior applications such as old window sill replacements, window repairs and porch repairs in Lancaster Pa.

Matching old porch floor profile is an example of a specialty Brookline offers. Old porch floor boards are often not commercially available and will need to be custom made. Contact us today for all carpentry needs.

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