Historic Restorations in Lancaster PA

So you've made the choice to live in a restored historic home and enjoy the rich heritage of historic architecture. What happens if something in your historic home needs repaired? If you lived in a modern house, you could just call a local handyman, but Brookline offers not only complete restoration packages, but the knowledge and skill necessary to authentically repair historic architecture without just splicing a modern fix onto an old fixture.

You may be wondering why historic restorations and preservation is such a natural fit for Brookline Builders. It is because that is how we were brought up. Character exemplifies the methods used in the original architecture, and these same traits are part of our core values at Brookline based in historic Lancaster, PA. We believe in things that last. Family, heritage, culture, and authenticity are exactly the traits which we were founded upon, and we seek out projects which put these qualities to best use. We know the ins and outs of historic repair and restoration methods and we are here to help if you need to repair a damaged element in your old home.

Historic homes have many fixtures which most newer homes no longer offer. Added elements such as ornate wood moldings, elaborate windows, chimneys and fireplaces, and real solid wooden floors. If you live in an older home, you know that this is just a small sampling of the rich features which some modern home builders have forgotten completely. You also know that your local carpenter or electrician cannot possibly hope to be of help in keeping the historic elements of your home alive while fixing even a minor problem. The team at Brookline knows exactly how and when the original was built, as well as where to find the right parts, such as period hardware and quality lumber, to add years to the life of your home, rather than to take them away.

Historic windows are an excellent example. There is just no substitute for the beauty of those individual wavy panes fitted nicely into ornate wooden frames. If heat is escaping from your original windows, you don't have to pull them out completely, replacing an old treasure with a modern replacement. If you trash those old windows, they are gone forever, taking a piece of history with them. The problem could be as simple as brittle glazing, a rotted mullion, or something else which could be authentically repaired with the skill and patience of a trained artisan. The craftsmen at Brookline know exactly how to referbish the damaged element while preserving the genuine integrity of the original.

Bringing new construction techniques to bear on historic architecture should not be done without care for the uniqueness of the original. Jon Owens and the other craftsmen at Brookline have been fascinated with the historic restoration and repair of old homes since the founding of the company. Jon has researched techniques which preserve, rather than replace, the cultural richness. A workman from your local yellow pages may want to use an industrial sander on your old wood floor because it's faster, but Brookline knows that the longevity and unique quality of the floor is lost this way. Skill, diligence, and a heart for the old ways cannot be replaced by any modern systems which have forgotten where they came from.

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