Lancaster Lime Works

Brookline Builders is now using Lancaster Lime Works lime putty mortar and stucco's. Here is a description of the company.

Located in Lancaster, Pa., Lancaster Lime Works is a manufacturer of lime putty and lime putty mortars for repointing and historic masonry preservation of all types. Lime putty is the binder for all of our products. Lime putty can be made into mortar, stucco, plaster, and limewash (whitewash), and is also a key ingredient in historic paints.

Lancaster Lime Works is also a reliable source of information and training related to the installation of lime putty, lime mortar, limewash, and all questions relating to historic masonry restoration and historic preservation in general. Lime putty mortar is very different from hydraulic lime mortar and Portland cement mortar, mainly because it is made from pure calcium carbonate with no clays, silica, or other impurities that give them the ability to "set" under water.

Lime putty mortar is much more flexible and long lasting than hydraulic lime mortar or Portland cement. It is the ideal choice for repointing brick and stone because it is softer than the masonry units that it is bedding. Therefore it can flex with building movement, and can even heal itself (called "autogenous healing"). Because of the flexibility and breathability, Lancaster Lime Works highly recommends its products for stucco applications.

Lime putty stucco can be direct applied to brick or masonry substrates, as well as wood lath and straw bales. It can also be used successfully in interior applications, especially where moisture may be present in small amounts. It is breathable, so it does not trap moisture in walls and other structures, eliminating mold and mildew problems that are often associated with modern repointing and modern plasters/drywall.

Lancaster Lime Works takes pride in producing and selling truly historic products for masonry restoration nationwide, and providing training in the proper installation methods for all of our products. Installation of lime putty products is not difficult; rather it is a very workable and forgiving material. Lime putty installation is very different in every way from conventional masonry materials, and knowing how to install it is critical to a successful installation.

Lancaster Lime Works is the source for retail and wholesale lime putty and lime putty mortar, stucco, plaster, limewash, and historic paints. Lancaster Lime Works can assist specifiers with specifications for historic building and restoration projects.

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