Church Restoration Specialists

Church Restoration begins with a company who understands the original building materials. This includes slate for roofing and historic lime mortars for repointing and reconstruction of stone and brick walls. Brookline offers a depth of expertise in the original materials for church restoration, with general contracting of all trades.

Brookline has new, timesaving technology for installing slate, which utilizes the traditional European hook-fastening system. Never before has slate installation been so fast as it is now with the Qwik Slate " system.

Removing the slate from a roof and reinstalling it with this new technique saves time and money, and makes slate roof restoration financially feasible.

Slate restoration is important to do on an annual basis. The predominance of non-historic roofing materials makes us think that a roof can be installed and then allowed to weather for 30 years without touching it.

Slate restoration begins with a thorough inspection of slates, fasteners, valleys, and flashings to locate leaking concerns and areas of possible deck deterioration. This is a reasonably inexpensive service compared to the repair options it provides, saving long-term deterioration of the roof and structure.

Brookline provides slate roof inspections and repairs, giving clients the power to identify problems early and budget in a way that facilitates preservation of their historic slate roof. Now Brookline makes it possible to repair and replace slate roof systems using copper and stainless steel fasteners to match the original roof. This can be done with almost any budget, as long as clients realize that maintaining a slate roof annually is critical to the long-term durability of the roof.

Church restoration should begin with a general contractor that has staff trained in the historic trades and committed to using original materials--slate roofing, copper work, historic masonry restoration, and lime mortars. Brookline possesses this expertise in-house, and has a network of subcontractors with a track record of reliability in the historic trades.

Church restoration can be a straightforward and do-able process. Choose Brookline to bring expertise in historic slate restoration and historic masonry restoration to your project. Sometimes the solution is easier than you thought.

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