Choosing a Mason in Lancaster Pa

Choosing the right masonry contractor in Lancaster, Pa. has gotten a whole lot easier if you have an historic home built before 1900. Brookline has all the historic trades in-house to completely restore your historic home. Brookline is a masonry contractor in Lancaster, Pa. that has skilled masons fully trained in the use of historically-compatible mortars, including locally-made lime mortar.

Lime mortar is not a simple matter. Lime was the only binder for mortars 120 years ago, and is superior to Portland cement in every way except one: speed of hardening. Portland cement was invented and adopted for one reason only, and that is that masons can lay more wall in a day's time because it sets up quickly.

Speed is an advantage. Being able to go fast is superior. But in every other way, Portland cement is inferior to a lime-sand mortar. Portland seals water into a wall, deteriorating the masonry and other building components. Portland destroys historic homes fast.

Having a masonry contractor who knows this is priceless. So many contractors today are uneducated about lime mortar, and how important it is for historic brick and stone. Brookline uses lime putty from Lancaster Lime Works in Lancaster, Pa. to make all of its mortars for restoration of historic homes. The training that Lancaster Lime Works provides can help any masonry contractor to understand the full options when it comes to mortar.

There are many ways to make mortar besides opening a bag and adding sand and water. Knowing the different binders that are available today allows a masonry contractor to make intelligent choices about the mortar that is used in a particular construction situation.

The most important factor in a mortar is breathability. Masonry contractors must have an idea of the vapor permeability of the product they are using for restoration of historic masonry. Using Portland cement to restore any historic masonry will cause damage that cannot be repaired. That is why it is so important to choose a masonry contractor that knows historic mortars.

Brookline is a masonry contractor in Lancaster, Pa. that specializes in historic masonry restoration and historic mortars.

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