More About Lime Mortar and Brookline

Brookline provides church restoration services with general contracting of all trades. Brookline emphasizes the use of green building products in all phases and types of construction.

Lime mortar is a very green building product. Since lime mortar is fired at much lower temperatures than ordinary Portland cement, it uses much less fossil-fuel energy for manufacture than its mortar counterparts.

Green building starts with products that positively affect the atmosphere. Lime mortar and limewash absorb CO2 out of the air over the course of their entire life, which may be over 100 years!

Carbon dioxide is a major concern for many scientists and environmentalists, and many point to elevated CO2 levels as the reason for climate change. Products that absorb CO2 are truly green products of a rare quality. Natural lime putty mortar is such a product, which Brookline uses exclusively for historic masonry restoration.

Brookline combines historic preservation contracting expertise with a commitment to the environment. This unique company has been in business for almost 30 years, providing clients with excellent service, competent direction, and fair prices! Even the General Services Administration (GSA) of the U.S. Government has utilized Brookline's expertise on some of the oldest and most historically significant buildings in the nation's capital. From consulting to Building Evaluation Reports to historic preservation contracting, Brookline offers a wide array of services for church restoration.

Churches are some of our most culturally valuable structures, which must be preserved for future generations. Brookline's commitment to preserving historic buildings and to the environment makes it the company to turn to for real historic church restoration and general contracting for all trades.

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