Window Repairs in Lancaster Pa -- Brookline Builders

Window Repairs in Lancaster Pa -- Brookline Builders

Old windows are like the eyes into the soul of your old historic home. Don't replace them with new vinyl, restore them! Repairs to old windows can be likened to surgery and not something that should be taken lightly. Once the old wavy glass has been broken or the sash has been tossed into the dump it is gone forever.

Consider the vinyl windows and the repairs to them? Did you know that it is almost impossible to repair a vinyl window? When a new vinyl window sill breaks it must be tossed into the landfill and as vinyl ages in the sun it becomes more brittle. All vinyl windows will end up into the landfill.

If you have old historic windows that need to be replaced, consider repairs instead. Did you know that if you install a good new storm window that has Low-E glass it will act as a protector to your repaired, reglazed and repainted historic windows. I have seen old sash last 15 years or more without maintenance when protected by a good storm window. The storm window doesn't protect the window sill or outside jamb and these will require regular maintenance even if you do have a storm window.

Solid wood windows can be repaired over and over again. The glass can be reglazed, if the wood rots it can be either repaired or replaced. Act Green and don't install vinyl windows.

Brookline Builders has been restoring old homes in Lancaster Pa for over 20 years.

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tinagleisner's Gravatar I totally understand your concerns about replacing beautiful, old windows with new vinyl ones. For historic homes where you only need to repair a few windows, I absolutely agree you want to rebuild the windows (usually much more than re-glazing is needed) but when windows haven't been properly maintained, I think there are options for low maintenance replacement windows ... maybe not vinyl, but wood with aluminum wrap on exterior? Unfortunately I don't think storm windows are cost effective as new ones are quite costly, especially if they aren't vinyl.

PS There is a lot more emphasis on recycling vinyl and this will grow as the focus on green increases. If you'd like to submit an article on how to rebuild a historic, wood window ... would love it for my site at
# Posted By tinagleisner | 7/7/11 10:25 PM
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