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Remodelers in Lancaster Pa will offer a wide and diverse cross section of contractors that are available for your project. Lancaster Pa is a relatively small area and word travels fast around here about which are the 'good' contractors and which are the 'bad' ones. A few thoughts about how to find the 'good' contractor to handle your project. Word of mouth

A competent remodeling contractor in Lancaster, can be as easy to find as asking a friend who had remodeling work done. Happy and satisfied customers are the contractors best sales tool and you as a customer can make it your finder tool as well. Often people shy away from recommending even a good remodeler for fear that their family or friends will find a somewhat different, not so pleasant experience than they had with the remodeler, and therefore hold a grudge. Or maybe the reverse is actually true, after all, a true friend should recommend the good contractor to show how truly they care, because a bad experience with a contractor can be devastating to your friend or family member.


Asking a reputable remodeling contractor in Lancaster, for a reference should be a easy and expected thing, or should it? A good contractor should be willing and able to give many references to any potential customer. One thing the general public doesn't consider is this. Put yourselves into the shoes of a past customer. Would you want people that you don't know calling even several years after your remodeling contractor had finished the job, bugging you and asking to come visit? Yes, it is important to get an opinion of a past customer, but a reputable contractor may not want burden their good past customers with incessant phone calls. I have found that alot of Lancaster County natives are somewhat private people and are only willing for strangers to invade into their life so much.

Reverse References

A politically incorrect position, based on my 20 plus years experience dealing with the diverse cross section of customers in Lancaster Pa is this. Potential customers should be willing to provide references to the potential contractor, showing that they will be easy to work with and reasonable thru out the remodeling project. A remodeling project relationship between a builder and a customer can be very intimate, and although volumes have been written on the importance of picking a good contractor, I think there is lacking quite a bit on the importance of rejecting a bad customer before they become a customer.

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